Using the dashboard

The Pipeless dashboard covers adding, editing, deleting your apps as well as monitoring your app usage and billing and account information.

Adding an app

To add a new app, go to the Apps page which you can also find if you navigate to "Account" on the top right of the dashboard navigation bar. From there you can either click the button to "Add New App", or if you already have an app, the "Add App" button on the top right of your Apps list.

When you go to add a new app you'll see a modal with a few options, which looks like this:


Add App modal

First input a name for your app. You can change the app name later, the technical identifier for your app is going to be an auto-generated App ID, which you'll use in the API endpoint URL.

Next select the plan you would like for both monthly calls and total storage. If you choose a paid plan for either monthly calls or total storage, you will be asked to enter billing information before continuing. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD). You can learn more about estimating usage here.

Once you've selected your plans, hit "Add App" to save your app and get access to your App ID and API Key.

If you'd rather start by experimenting with Pipeless using the demo dataset app, you can click the link on the right "Or add demo app." You can learn more about the demo dataset tutorial here.

Editing an app


Edit App at the bottom left of each app card on the Apps page

Deleting an app

From the Accounts / Apps page, click "Edit App" to bring up the Edit App modal shown below. Then click the More icon (3 dots) next to Cancel to access the "Delete App" link.


Edit App modal

Clicking "Delete App" will open the Delete App modal shown below. Enter in the text in the Delete Code field to confirm delete. You can confirm it is deleted by looking for the red "Deleted" tag above the name of the app on the Apps page list. You will also receive an email confirming the deletion of the app and all associated stored data.


Delete App modal

As all app data will be deleted immediately, once you delete an app you will no longer be able to access the Dashboard link for that app.


Deleting is Permanent

Deleting an app is a permanent, irreversible action. There is no way to recover deleted data, it will be gone immediately, so only delete an app when you are certain you don't want or need it anymore.

Monitoring your app usage

You can track your app usage from a few different places:

Apps page

From the Apps page you can see the summary of your app's % usage for Monthly Calls and Total Storage in the donut charts on the right. If you hover over the charts, you can see the usage #'s as well. You can also see the exact time when the new month will start and monthly call limits will reset. Times are listed in GMT.

You can access the Apps page by clicking on "Accounts" in the top navigation bar.


You can access the dashboard by clicking "Dashboard" in the top navigation bar, and then use the dropdown next to the Pipeless logo to select your desired app. You can also start from the Apps page by clicking on the name of your app to navigate to that app's Dashboard.

On the dashboard for your app you can see more detailed information about usage, including daily call volume and total call usage tracked over the month. Dates and times are listed in GMT.


Dashboard usage tracking

You can also see the breakdown for items storage, including specific objects and total relationships stored.


Stored items breakdown

The dashboard also shows recent calls and recently added events.


Recent calls


Recently processed events

Email alerts

You'll receive several warning emails as you get close to your call and storage limits. Emails will come at 80% and 95% of your usage, and another when you've exceeded your call or storage limit and your service is being impacted.

Account information

On the Account / Profile page you can click "Edit Profile" to change your name and email address. If you signed up by connecting your Google account, the email address will be locked.

To change your password, click "Reset Password" to send a password reset email to the email you have listed in your contact info.

Account billing

On the Account / Billing page you can add a payment method by clicking "Add Card" in the "Payment Info" section. This will open the "Add Card" modal where you can enter your credit card information into the secure Stripe payment fields.

The Billing page will also show the plans for all your apps, your total billable amount you can expect on your upcoming monthly bill (charged automatically through Stripe), and your past billing history.

Logging out

You can log out of your account by clicking "Logout" from the side navigation of Accounts. For security purposes, we will also automatically log you out after 24 hours.