Activity Feeds

The Pipeless Activity Feeds API transforms your user activity data by enabling real-time personalized activity feeds based on that data. Whether you’re looking to show a personalized feed of posts only from accounts a user follows or see a history of activity on a user’s profile, the Activity Feeds API is an efficient way to level up your product.

Read through the What's Next links below for descriptions and examples for each of the Activity Feeds API endpoints. Or you can go right to the API reference docs here.

Activity Feed Algorithms

Recent Activity

Get recent user activity related to a specific item (account, product, tag, post, video, etc.). For a target object, this algorithm pulls the most recent user actions on that object.

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Following Feed

Get a timeline of content from accounts a user is following. This algorithm navigates the graph of recently posted content from accounts a user is following and combines them into a single feed.

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Following Action Feed

Get a feed of activity using multiple signals of user engagement from accounts a user is following. This algorithm aggregates actions from across other accounts a user is following, to bubble up content that those accounts have engaged positively with.

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